11 03 2009

So the worst thing about living here is trying to figure out how or where and when to do laundry. Its about the biggest inconvenience there is, you don’t even know. I’ve gone a full 2 weeks without washing clothes, and considering I only brought 3 pairs of jeans and the fact that I would take 10 showers a day if I could, I think this is quite worth noting. I’ve been washing my underwear out in the sink every evening because I ran out days ago…and really didn’t know what to do about it. The problem is that there is no laundry room in my building. Well, I take that back, there is…you have to go down to the front desk and ask to sign up, and there is a wait that is days long (actually when I first got here they told me 3 weeks long) to use the washer…and then when its finally your turn you come back and they give you a key to this little room in the basement where there are two washers and no dryers. You have to find a rack and dry all your clothes in the hallway.

Now, obviously this plan doesn’t work for me since I a) don’t speak polish and can’t ask to sign up, and the ladies at the desk speak absolutely NO english whatsoever…b) I’m just really not a fan of this system at all. I want a dryer. I want a nice, clean laundromat and c) I really can’t wait that long.

So, apparently there is another system where you can pay 40 zloty and have your clothes sent out. Even with the exchange rate being what it is…this is not a good deal for me. I’m used to paying a quarter a load.

Final option…figure out another place to do it. So this is what I did. I had heard a rumor of there being a laundromat in krakow, so I googled it. Found this:

According to all the posters, its “the 1st and only laundromat in Krakow.” I believe it. I havent seen another one since I got here.

and for 15 zloty a load…that saves me 50%. I’m all about a deal.

So, this morning I loaded up my bag with all the clothes I could cram in there, and I took the entire thing to school with me. Then, after class I dragged it another 20 minutes down the road to this little hole in the wall laundromat place.

oh, let me insert another point here. The roads are crazy. Poles are not courteous drivers, and the streets are a mess. I came to this intersection that was completely dotted with medians, I should have taken a picture of it. It was absolutely nonsensical. it was kind of like island-hopping to get across, it took me 6 crosswalks to get to the side I needed to be on.

anyway, So I get there, and the laundromat is in this little underground room, and its actually pretty cool. There were 4 washers and 2 dryers. Apparently the only dryers in Krakow, too…The lady at the desk pretended she couldn’t speak English…I don’t know why they always do that…but she could. I put my clothes in, they provided the soap FREE! like that was a big deal or something, and then she made me a cup of tea while I wait, haha. So, they have this little waiting area with a table and a few couches, and some board games and magazines and whatnot…it was really quite nice. I did a few exercises in my polish workbook and read a bit. They also were playing the most awesome music ever, kind of heavy on Elvis and Little Richard, but also threw in a few gems…check it…I heard the Witchdoctor by the Chipmunks (ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang) which everyone should recognize as my favorite song ever made, Since I don’t have you by the Skyliners (finally, not the GNR version), AND the Tammy movie theme song (Tammy, Tammy,Tammy’s in love…), which I have been searching for endlessly to download. So now I know that it can indeed be found in Poland, of all places. I was completely stoked.

But anyway, laundry turned out to not be so bad 🙂

Its kind of far though, probably 2 miles or so if i had to guess. Thats a long way to haul 20 pounds of clothes in a duffle bag.

But anyway!

thats all…my adventure of the day 🙂

Love You!!




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