Some Stats, plus a Hello and Thank You

2 12 2009

I almost never pay any attention to statistics, either for this blog or for the others I’ve had. I just don’t really care about that kind of thing; I blog for my own enjoyment, not because I’m trying to attract a maximum amount of attention. But I’ve been doing a little blog clean-up and reorganizing behind-the-scenes this past week, and while I was shuffling things around, I decided to take a peek just for fun. I’m honestly astonished that this blog gets as many hits as it does. While it doesn’t average half as many visitors as my music blog does, it is way more than I would have thought. The exact number I won’t tell you, but it was really a pleasant surprise to me. I suppose I anticipated that it would get a few hits here and there, but it was mainly meant to be a personal journal for me to jot down memories, and also for keeping up with my friends and family while I was gone. I didn’t really think that anyone else would be that interested in it. I also don’t think it’s very well written; I rarely pay attention to grammar nor did I edit anything I write on here. Knowing that people actually read this blog makes me really embarrassed, actually. Had I known, I would have at least made sure everything was a complete sentence. I PROMISE I actually can write more coherently than is exemplified in this blog. Considering the very little amount of time I spend maintaining this blog, its amazing that it keeps up the way it does.

Here’s a little detail of my stats:

The post on Ukraine is by far the most popular, followed by the post on Amsterdam. Least popular are any posts that are actually about Poland.

The day my blog got the most hits was actually Tuesday, November 18th. 5 months after I left Poland, the blog is still getting hits and has a steady stream of visitors!

Just last week, someone even translated my blog into Italian. Ciao! (I would say more, but that’s all I know in Italian.)

I’ve been added to Stumbleupon…hi stumblers! I appreciate the thumbs up!

and I’m regularly crawled by most of the major search engines.

speaking of, I love looking to see what people searched for to find my blog! My favorite search term was “can I find brown sugar in Poland?!” It brought back fond memories of my own desperate brown sugar search. (For the record, in case I never mentioned it and someone else wants to know, brown sugar CAN be found in Krakow. The only place I can find that has it is a really cool grocery store in Galeria Kazimierz called Alma Delikatesy. It’s a fabulous place, I spent a good hour wandering around in there. Yeah, its quite a walk from old town, but on a pretty day it isn’t too unpleasant and if I’m not mistaken, there are actually free busses that shuttle back and forth between Galeria Kazimierz and Galeria Krakowia.)

Another search term that was used in google was “Polish Bathroom Symbols.” And to that person-the men’s room is the one with the triangle on the door, ladies room is the one with the circle on the door. Why Polish people have to make things complicated, rather than simply use the universal man and woman stick figures, I’ll never know.

And I love reading the comments people leave me on posts! some of you have been very kind and very helpful, and I’ve enjoyed interacting with Polish citizens, expatriates, and clueless Americans alike…along with whoever else might join in the fun. It kind of blows my mind that people out there actually read what I have to say.

I know i didn’t make it happen, as I haven’t done anything to promote this blog. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and referred me along, I appreciate it.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for being with me along the way, and for checking out JennyGoesToPoland!

Love, Jenny

ps–to those of you who are/were subscribed, I have inactivated email updates. I was previously using a feedburner subscription service, but because wordpress is now offering its own subscription service (which will be more convenient for me) so I’m going to switch over some time in the near future. more on that later




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26 01 2011

Hey! I just found this blog doing the “sugar search” and this post also answered my bathroom mystery from yesterday. So thanks! I dont think the alma near me (in wroclaw) has brown sugar, but I will check again. Thanks!

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